Harmonia & Elixir Vertebral




Back ache: the ailment of modern time. The ELIXIR VERTEBRAL has been specially created to relax, stretch and soothe ailing backs. It is effective in its preventive capacity as it is for soothing temporary or chronic pains.  The “plus” of the ELIXIR VERTEBRAL programme: back exercises in private cabin, coached by a physiotherapist, as well the HUBER-LPG device, a unique machine for rehabilitation, which enables you to enforce the spine muscles and prevent back pain. Coached by a personal trainer, clients are instructed in the correct limbering, stretching and stimulating movements.

6 days – 4 treatments / day +  Medical/physiotherapeutic visit at the beginning of your programme (if possible with your X-rays)

  • 6 individual hydrotherapy treatments: hydro-jet bath Elixir Vertebral
  • 3 sea water pool treatments: AquaGym Elixir Vertebral
  • 3 Guerande Marine Mud Body Wrap
  • 3 personalized physiotherapeutic treatments
  • 3 private coached sessions of re-education in private cabin
  • 3 massages Elixir Vertebral
  • 3 personalized treatments, coached on the HUBER LPG device

* Medical consultation included in your programme

4 days : €660.00

6 days : €960.00

Extra day : €155.00



To erase tension and regain calm and tranquility, Royal Mare Thalasso created an original programme with traditional massages from all around the globe.  Our exceptional Balinese massage, the Ayurvedic massages – Abhyanga (relaxing) and Vishesh (invigorating, muscle toning). Maximum refinement…ultimate joy!

6 days – 3 treatments / day

  • 3 individual invigorating hydrotherapy treatments: aromatic hydro-jet bath
  • 3 sea water pool treatments: AquaRoyal ®
  • 6 relaxing seaweed body wraps
  • 2 Ayurvedic massages with organic sesame oil
  • 2 Aromatherapy massages
  • 1 Balinese massage
  • 1 Oriental massage

4 days : €590.00

6 days : €880.00

Extra day :€155.00