Elements Dine Around


“In all things of nature there is something of the marvelous”. Aristotle


Close your eyes and breathe-in the midnight sea breeze or the discrete scent of the flowers in the garden surrounding your room or suite. You are now peaceful and tranquil.

Rejuvenate body and soul merely by the sight of the blue sea as you awaken to that delicious breakfast you have ordered to your sea-view suite. Spoil yourself with a little more time in bed. Not hard to do so considering the mattresses have been specially designed to enhance your sleep in the best possible way. Coco-Mat knows how precious your “me-time” really is.

QUOTE: “The right diet is all about balance; lacking in nothing but also maintaining a healthy measure. Being healthy is having achieved the perfect balance of energy”. By Mari-Sofi, Dietitian


Comfort and elegance go hand in hand when it comes to selecting the ideal residence, and all are privileged in their individual way. Stylish rooms with exterior surroundings full of aromas and color among an endless well-tended garden offer a sense of comfort paired with luxury.

Will it be the PRESIDENTIAL SUITE with the much desired spectacular view to the sea OR the VIP Beachfront Suite with its private pool?

As for the JUNIOR Suites, they offer a comfortable and luxurious living area and direct access to the sharing pool. Included in your special Welcome Package is a stocked up mini bar with delicious fruit juices, ice tea and the traditional mastic-flavoured sparkling water that will tickle your palate and cool you down.

Let’s not forget the daily refills of tea and coffee, but also the wide selection of local herbal & fruity teas.

QUOTE: “Enjoy the refreshing and traditional mastic-flavoured sparkling water you will find in your mini bar. Did you know just how beneficial mastic is for both the body and the skin? By Mari-Sofi, Dietitian


Designated “Relax Zones” create a relaxing setting by the pool where the calm Zen décor, soft music and hammocks are spread over a garden surrounded by colorful flowers and natural aromas that are carried through the air along with a refreshing sea breeze.

Pick up your favourite book and simply lay on one of the gazeebos when you need to escape into some shade and enjoy the subtle ambient vibes.

The ELEMENTS pool bar offers a variety of healthy options to help you cool off and keep you hydrated.

Try the herbal and fruity teas, low-calorie beverages, freshly pressed smoothies with locally grown fruit or vegetables, infused sparkling water or a selection of spirits should that please you.

QUOTE: “After a full day in the sun, opt for ingredients rich in vitamin B-carotene (apricots, melon, peppers, spinach, carrots, broccoli and parsley). B-carotene can be found in high levels mainly in fruit whose colours are green, red and orange and are highly recommended as improving hair texture”. By G2



ELEMENTS is all about maintaining the peaceful balance you acquired while on holiday & going home with a smile & a balanced mind. By Mary, power Pilates Instructor


Release the tension & redefine your balance when city life takes over again.

Τhe Office Genie

Lift the feet off the chair and cross them as you are seated (barefoot). Hold on to the arms of the chair and push yourself upwards as if you are levitating.

If the chair has no arms, simply grab the sides of the chair and push yourself upward.

Levitate for about 10-20”, rest and repeat about 2-3 times.


Sit on a revolving office chair, hold on to the desk with your thumb and fingers. Raise the ball of the feet from the ground and twist the chair (along with our core), right and left.

Your hands should remain steady in front. Perform this exercise for approximately 10-15″, rest and repeat 3-4 times.